The Day,

-after- the story ended

The day that Angel dropped off the grid, there were flashing lights.

It was a trivial offense. His twenty years were now finally done with The Service.

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Based on the work of Angel's life, it was reassuring that no one knew who Angel was. It was reassuring to Angel that his civilian identity was still intact. In fact, he felt that having a new ticket made the perception of his imperfection more accurate.

It would be safe to say that Angel had budgeted the cost of this fine several months earlier.

It would also be safe to say, on the forecasting humor of Angel's life, that he had a check prewritten for the amount of this fine, just requiring the blank "pay to" filled with the municipality of his ticket and the blank "date" area on this half-completed check to be filled with this offense date. If you were the passenger with Angel on the day of this offense, the prewritten check would surely fall to your feet when Angel had you pull the vehicle registration and insurance card from his glove compartment.

Angel was great with psychology. He knew when he was pulled over, and asked if he knew "why" he was pulled over, stating the section and subsection code of Commonwealth law he had offended was most definitely not in his civilian favor.

That said, it was already pre-written on the memo line of the check.

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Angel never could predict the future. He was just excessively good at predicting the consequence to circumstance. In the end, Angel would admit the whole event was just another story to tell. A true story. Maybe embellished. But entertaining.

It was pre-planned to verify the accuracy and reliability of his system.

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