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Abridged Edition Published by the Stellethee Group

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in honor of Angel, 1993-2013

Foreward by Steven Stellethee,
The Stellethee Security & Logistics Group


Angel most surely would have wanted us at the Stellethee Group to write "in memory of" Angel's story in hopes that you would assume his own obituary Trace code has been deactivated. Our Group decided to write "in honor of Angel" because of Angel's service to the nation and the world, but also to make it clear we believe his counterterrorism programmed code in the clouds is still prepared for its purpose.

Angel cared very deeply for the those people who protected freedom. Angel always regretted having to walk into his adult life struggling with a post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD). Although Angel was most likely too strong-headed to make it through any boot camp, we knew that he would have tried had his struggle not disqualified him.

The intelligence community, we suspect, would have enjoyed chatting with Angel over his two decades of service, but unfortunately Angel always spoke in cryptic code outside of his own team and the few of us at The Stellethee Group who were required for his strategic vision. The story you are reading has been edited in the interest of national security but we at the Stellethee Group believe all of the original intentions are still completely retained.

On his exit, Angel needed us to validate that we knew how much he sacrificed to protect those whom he would have loved if he had only had the chance to meet them. The day Angel retired, he pulled his cross out of his back pants' pocket walking out the door. The chain of the cross had formerly dangled out his pocket, just like the lanyard you'd see hanging out of a back pocket from someone on break from part-time job.

Angel smiled, and looked back at us, stating that "Jesus struggled much more than any of us will. I walk out from you completely blanked out but at least I got my 1-up 'bonus' life."

Angel, good luck in your new life. Protect your EIN like you would have protected your social security number. If you need us, just dial. Just be sure to mention that your homefries are "smoking hot."

When they ask you if that's an emergency, remember to tell them, "Oops, wrong number." Whatever you do, do not hang up when they answer. You'll know that we're listening if they answer "no worries."

By the way, Angel, we still can't fulfill your request to comp you a Viper. You'll just have to break a "hundred" from your retirement.

It Was Certainly An Honor, Sir.

-Steven Stellethee


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